VDE Projects - Project Management using Scrum and PRINCE2, Rich Interactive Application Development using Adobe Flex / AIR and Photography 

As a freelancer I specialize in:

  • Business analysis
  • Project management based on Kanban, Scrum and PRINCE2
  • RIA development using Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR
  • Photography

Business analysis and Project management

IT projects are complex. The requirements tend to change, developers don't understand the requirements, which technology to choose, ...

Feel free to contact me when you need someone to manage your agile IT project using the Scrum and/or PRINCE2 methodologies.

Rich Internet Applications

RIA applications can be used in internet, intranet and extranet environments and combine the best of desktop applications and web applications.

Are you tired of dull desktop and web applications that take long to build, are hard to maintain and don't work on all platforms and browsers?

In that case you have come to the right place!

Contact me to discuss how we can build your dream together.


I'm interested in different kinds of photography: documentary, travel, sports, corporate, fine art, ...

Please check out my Facebook page with recent work.

Certified ScrumMaster

Foundation Certified
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